Give Your Life New Meaning

I was laying down on my back with my arms and legs spread out. Sweat dropping heavily from my face onto the mat as I looked to the ceiling. My instructor played a meditation soundtrack as we spent about ten minutes resting after a two-hour long class that culminated in a series of about six five-minute rolls. The work was put in for the week and I was thinking of how happy I am with the progress I’ve made with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When I sit down and really give thought to the things I enjoy most it usually involves things that put me in my body, use my mind, and requires my focus. It’s the things that put me in the moment and my attention on the present. No worrying about the past or contemplating the future. The things that put me in the right now. That’s what makes up my fondest memories.

I’ve always been an athlete. Growing up, there was never a better feeling than the connection of a baseball bat to a baseball, and the rush I got from rounding the bases. Later on, my passion became football. Blasting opposing players with or without the ball, juking, spinning, and trucking. Those feats became my next rush.

I had always loved martial arts. Growing up I probably watched Bloodsport and Big Trouble in Little China well over one hundred times. The money was never there, so as a kid I never had the opportunity to practice. I’m proud to say that my early dreams are now my reality.  Martial Arts are a normal part of my life now and provides me with that mental and physical stimulation I seek on a regular basis. My mind and body are present, and it is a great way that I can stay healthy as well.  Martial Arts raise my awareness, keep me healthy and confident, and it’s one of those things that zaps me into the focus on the present.

Whether it’s riding my motorcycle, playing a sport, practicing a martial art, doing yard work, yoga, or just watching waves on the beach. I now realize that my life’s best moments were created in the now.

If you are wondering what’s out there that can provide you the life memories and satisfaction, get into your body and mind. If there’s something you have thought about trying, stop the excuses, and jump in. The only regrets we can have are the things we never tried that we wished we had. There’s something out there waiting and only you know what that is. We all have our own passion that we’ve given thought too.  What is holding you back?  After reading this allow yourself a new start, be free, and go get it. Make a memory, delve deep into your passion, and you won’t ever regret it.

1 thought on “Give Your Life New Meaning

  1. You’re learning to light fires I see..
    The current fire you have lit is under my ass..

    My good motivator, my buddy, my Jon. I have watched your grow for many years. So you know I’m enjoying this season of The Jonathon!

    I’ve been delving for what feels like eons, taking notes, planting seeds. I can sense that this time around I will have a brother to stand firmly with, alongside each other. And when we move, we’ll run with intensity, the marathon of life!

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