Shattering the Self Defeat of I Can’t


I keep hearing the phrase, “I can’t.”  Sometime ago, when I was in the military, I remember answering a question to a supervisor of mine by saying I did good enough.  Whatever the question was doesn’t matter.

I remember the facial expression of the supervisor who asked the question change instantly.  He appeared irritated and said to me, “two words that never go together are good and enough.” The conversation switched back to casual topics after I showed my immediate understanding, but that moment always stuck with me.

I often had flashbacks of the conversation and I realized how often my consciousness would pull the two words back out.

Nowadays, I often hear the phrase, I can’t, which seems to draw the same ire from inside of me.  When I hear it, it causes chills to run through my body.  

Some common examples of phrases I hear quite often are listed below.

  • I can’t lose weight
  • I can’t leave my bad relationship
  • I can’t leave my home
  • I can’t recover from my addiction
  • I can’t start my own business
  • I can’t do fill in the blank job
  • I can’t be a great student

Friends.  Let me implore you to leave the phrase I can’t behind.  No longer place limits on yourself or accept degredations by others.  If you see that your mind has allowed the creeping in of I can’t into your existence again, I challenge you to push past it, and do whatever it is you are placing thought on.

A journey begins with a single step.  No one expects perfection from a beginner, but anyone who tries has more to gain than someone who doesn’t.  Don’t allow yourself to be torn down by those who will criticize or try to discard your efforts.  

Behind the thoughts of I can’t is the action to push forward and say I CAN.  I do not care what it is, if you have thought of something that could improve your life it means you have the will to act on it.  

Once you allow yourself to take control and no longer be victimized by the thoughts in your head and opinions of others I guarantee positive life change.  Today your self defeat is over.  

Today is the day you’ll no longer allow the I can’t spirit to run your life.  Say I CAN and create a vision for yourself.  For the rest of your life I challenge you to be positive, filled with self-confidence, and I promise a new and happier you!

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