Thinking For Ourselves Again

Learn to think for yourself again. So much time in our younger years was spent focusing on learning from teachers and parents who had developed their own thoughts to impart on us. Although most of them had good intentions, not all those we learned from enabled an environment for us to be functional thinkers that could find our own ways and conclusions. Be the change you seek and try to notice when you step in to a certain belief pattern.

I don’t like Mexican food so I don’t eat it. Look at this statement and think about it. When was the last time you had Mexican food, who prepared it, what was the meal, where was it at? All of those questions asked back to yourself can help you realize that, hey, maybe I didn’t like it that time, but maybe this time is different.

I’ve come to believe that it’s worth trying something in a new situation every time the opportunity presents itself.   If you still don’t like it…No Worries! Give things a shot. Over and over. If it’s in your head, just jump on in.

This life shouldn’t be about the things we avoid, it should be about the experiences we make, and goals we shoot for. Let’s discover more about ourselves and make stories to tell.

3 thoughts on “Thinking For Ourselves Again

  1. Indeed brother! Introspection is necessary for self development.

    I learned to think for myself at a very young age. It was almost like a forced induction. I was born with reddish colored hair so I stood out in the views of other children. They pointed me out and made it a thing to do, habitually. After recognizing there pattern I then realized the power of the self. And when I first learned of choice, I thought to help myself!

    Now I reflect on your platform, that which I’ve learned about my inner self. The power of help! I didn’t always like being in the spot light amongst my peers. Maybe this time I’ll love it because I’m proposed to help them find themselves. Help them GO IN!

    People see reddish colored hair on the outside and note the difference but when I GO IN, I only notice the similarities. And then I remember the color spectrum and how light is represented through prisms.

    There is much to think about. And as I continue to help myself I’ll enjoy helping others think for themselves. That’s a cool sentence if you ask me!

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